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Skincare; Where To Splurge

Investing in skincare is something I do a lot, mainly because I think its important to give your skin all the nourishment and attention as possible. Of course what you eat has a huge impact on your skin and you'll find that if you've had one too many McDonalds one week, you'll have a couple of uninvited guests claim there spot on your face - no pun intended - so eat lots of good food and drink plenty of water. Onto skincare now and heres a few bits that I don't mind paying a bit extra for.

Makeup removers and cleansers come in the bucket load at drugstores and are all pretty good so we'll skip those and move onto serums/oils. This is where you can really treat your skin and in my opinion the product that makes the most difference. Kiehl's and Estee Lauder make my favourite ones and I find my skin looks 10 times better in the morning than if I use nothing at all, that's when I fall in love with a product! Serums can be used to target ageing, moisture, blemish prone skin, the list goes on and they really do better the appearance of the skin. The reason I say splurge is because there aren't that many good ones at a inexpensive price and they last for months and months so way worth the money. 

Next would be face masks/treatments, which again, last ages as you only use them once or twice a week. I also feel like when you give yourself a nice facial or use a face mask you want to use products that make you feel luxurious and indulged. Ren have an excellent 1 minute facial which is perfect if you're looking for quick - very quick - pick me up. It leaves the skin feeling super soft and glowing. Also check out Oskia and Origins for some other great masks as they do some which are perfect for giving lack lustre skin a boost of moisture.

Moisturisers are also quite a luxurious product I feel, and you can never go wrong with hitting up the Origins counter when you're in need of a new one, they're fab! They have lots of different ranges which cater for different skin types, as well as specific morning and night ones which can be hard to find within some brands. They are pricey but they last and the quality is amazing, as well as the smell. For the morning I would recommend giving the GinZing one a go and the High Potency Night-A-Mins for night. Clarins and Kiehls also do some lovely ones.

Skincare brands worth the money; Origins, Ren, Clarins, Kiehls, Oskia, Sarah Chapman, Estee Lauder. Favourite products listed below...

Summer ASOS Wishlist

Another ASOS wish list for you, and today, I'm covering all things summer! There's a gorgeous embroidered dress in here which would be perfect for a wedding, a pair of sunnies and a couple of bikinis which I have my eye on and may purchase for any future holidays. Again, my style is nothing groundbreaking but I find ASOS a great place to go for, for basics and if you want something more colourful and out there. I do branch out more in the summertime and love to experiment with patterns and bright shades to make things more fun! Let me know what you've been loving from ASOS and fee free to link some bits below as I would love to have look through and find some more gems. 

On Wednesdays We Fake Tan

Summer is definitely the time to fake tan, and I thought I'd let you know some of my favs I love to crack out when the weather is getting warmer and the pins are coming out. Fake tan has developed a bad rep over the years, but if you do it right and use good products there's nothing to be afraid of. Brands have come out with some really good, easy to use, noob friendly options which are more gradual and don't leave you looking like a wotsit. Some helpful tips before we get into it; exfoliate before, especially your knees and elbows as thats where tan will cling to the most and moisturise after to prolong your tan. 

We will start of with a couple of gradual options which are great if you're starting out and are scared to venture too far. My favourite is the Dove Summer Glow Moisture Lotion which is inexpensive and leaves your skin moisturised and with a nice glow. If you apply this with your hands, make sure you wash them after as you will get orange rings in-between your fingers which is not a great look, trust me. I find the colour this leaves is very natural and once you apply it enough times a week you'll end up with a golden glow which makes it look like you've had a bit of sun. Garnier also do a nice option which smells so nice. I don't love this one as much as the Dove one but I find it gives quicker results, but you have to be careful and really blend it in as it is more prone to streaking. I do really like it though and it leaves you skin smelling amazing. 

For more instant tans I have a couple which I've been using this summer and love. They both do very different things. The St Tropez Express Tan is one I've raved about a lot this year and can't seem to put down. The idea with this is you leave it on for 1-3 hours, depending on how dark you want it, wash it off then you're left with a lovely natural colour. The smell of this is also very different to other fake tans, it's fruity and doesn't smell of biscuit which is rare but bloody brilliant. I find that if I leave it on for 2 hours I get the best results and my skin looks golden and glowing. This lasts for about 5-7 days which is good and I tend to top up my legs about once or twice a week to keep them looking brown. This is more pricey but totally worth it if you're new to the tanning market. The next one I use more on my legs than my whole body. The Rimmel Instant Tan BB Perfector - longest name - is a lovely one to use if you want an instant bit of added colour, so if you're going on a night out or maybe it's the first time you've got your legs out in a while. The thing I love most is that it blurs any imperfections you may have, and if you're anything like me you'll have a few bruises hanging around. When this first comes out the tube it looks dark and scary but once you buff it in - with a mitt - and leave it to sink in it leaves you legs looking amazing and nicely browned. This is also a wash off formula so I would recommend taking advantage of that and having a play around with it before heading out anywhere, this way you can see if you need to blend more or if you could get away with adding some more to give your legs even more colour. It will come off in the shower so practicing before is a safe bet. 


Making Lipstick Last

If we make the commitment to wearing a bright lip for the day, we want it to last, and we certainly don't want our hard work in the morning to go to waste. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure that your lip colour stays put all day whatever you're doing. 

Start with a blank canvas...using a bit of leftover foundation from a brush or sponge can help block out your natural lip colour and give the products on top something to stick to. Just pat your brush or sponge over your lips after exfoliating them and this should stop your natural lip colour poking through as the day progresses. See, concealer lips aren't always a bad thing. If you have naturally darker lips this will also help the true colour of the lipstick to show through. 

Use lip liner...seems a kind of an obvious one, but ensuring you line your lips and fill them in with a lip liner will make sure your lip colour doesn't fade or bleed. It's important to use one that's a similar colour to your lips or that matches your lipstick, this will look the most natural and you won't have those awkward 90's lip liner vibes going on. Charlotte Tilbury, Urban Decay, Rimmel and MAC do some of the best in my opinion. I always start by lining the perimeter of the lips, going from the outside in, then run the pencil over the lips to fill them in. 

Go matte...if you're using bright shade, matte is the best way to go. The formula lasts longer than others as they don't slip around on the lips and the colour is more intense - go big or go home right?. There are brands which offer some that aren't completely drying such as Nars, MAC and Revlon, the colour range and quality of these brands are also excellent. If your lips are on the dryer side make sure to use a lip balm pre application so it doesn't sit in any cracks and cling to dry patches. 

The blot and reapply method...this is one I tend to do a lot if I know I'm going to rocking a bold lip for the whole day and won't be able to touch up often. Step one, apply; step 2, blot with tissue; step 3, reapply. The idea behind this is that once you've blotted the first layer it will sink into the lips and act as a stain so when you apply the second layer, if it does fade, there will be a stain underneath so you don't get patchy lips and you'll always have a nice colour on the lips. This is a great little routine which can be done in seconds. 


5 Minute Face

Recently I've had a few early starts and have had to conjure up a routine which I can do in a few minutes and be out the door. To me, this is the perfect natural, everyday look which can be worn for work or to school - if you're allowed any makeup at all - it's quick, easy and lets get started.

First of all I always start with a clean face. I'll wash it either in the shower or it takes just a minute or so doing it over the sink. I then follow up with a simple skincare routine - tea tree water, origins serum and moisturiser - and I'm ready for makeup. I start with something thats going to give me a fresh glow and wake up my tired skin, for that I've been loving the Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Enhancer. I've mentioned this a few times over the past week, purely because it's a great base for makeup and even on it's own it makes the skin smoother and more even. On top of that I love something light and I can pop on with my fingers if needs be, the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue is a lovely tinted base and covers well but still moisturises and keeps the skin looking fresh throughout the day. Of course I can't go a makeup day without concealer, so pop your favourite under eye concealer on and we'll move on to cheeks. I love palettes that do it all, so the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette is perfect for covering the cheek area. It has a nice bronze, a pinkly highlighter and a pinky peach blush which go really nicely together - as you would expect - and they have great colour pay off. I use the bronzer first of a fluffy brush and apply that under my cheekbones and around my face, I don't do any fancy countering here, just bronzing the face. I then take an angled brush and mix the highlight and blush together and apply those to my cheekbones.

As I've recently had my brows threaded, filling them in is a hell of a lot easier so I've just been grabbing a tinted gel and running that through them. The Benefit Gimme Brow is my favourite for this as it contains little fibres which create the illusion of thicker brows. I kept the eyes simple and used products which I know work well and last all day. I've been running the Charlotte Tilbury Barbarella Brown Rock n Kohl Liner in my tight line and upper lash line which naturally defines the eyes. I then curl my lashes and apply mascara, and that's the eyes done! For lips, I use anything which is in arms length and isn't too fussy to apply. The Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Balms are great as they nourish the lips as well as giving them a nice hint of colour.