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Post Gym Edit

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Friday, July 31, 2015

After a workout there are days when you may be pushed for time and you need to get ready and go without the luxury of heading home. After topping up my deodorant and spraying half a can of dry shampoo there are a few makeup/beauty essentials I'll pack up and reach for when I need to make myself look presentable after the gym.

First I will reach for a facial spray to sooth and calm down my more than likely red face. The Caudalie Beauty Elixir is one I love as it smells very fresh and is great to wake up the skin. The mini size is also super handy and portable, so perfect to carry around. After this I like to go in with a tinted moisturiser type product to hydrate and give me a bit of coverage, Origins Vitazing is great which comes out as a grey cream which then adapts to your skin tone. This doesn't offer a lot of coverage as it's more on the moisturiser side of things, but it brings a nice amount of colour to face and is a nice base. After this is all blended in I'll add some concealer under my eyes and around my nose to conceal redness and dark circles. Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage Concealer Kit is lovely for this as it has great coverage and also comes with a setting powder, so handy to have everything in one place. To finish off the face you can add some cream blush or let the rosiness shine through a bit. I like to carry the Bobbi Brown Cabo Coral Cheek and Lip Tint around just incase I want something less red toned! These can easily be applied with your fingers, like everything here, making it super easy and fuss free.

I like to fill in my brows a bit too and give them a little brush through so having a two in one brow pencil is great, Soap and Glory make one which I love and would recommend. I wouldn't recommend faffing around with eyeshadow unless you want to so just curl your lashes and add some mascara to your top and bottom lashes. I've been using the MAX Factor False Lash Effect which is great for creating natural looking lashes as well as building them up to be more dramatic so you can go as big as you want with this! On the lips I use a tinted lip balm mainly to moisturise but it's nice to add some colour too. I've gone back to the Korres Lip Tints and love the colour pay off they have!


Summer Smokey Eye

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It's been a while since I've shared a look I've been loving wearing and today I thought I would talk you though a summery smokey eye. I love a smokey eye when the evenings approach, but in the summer it's nice to tone things down a bit and go in a bit lighter with those shadows. The Maybelline The Nudes Palette is what I'll be using today and it has some lovely shades, perfect for this type of look.

I always start with a base of some sorts to start everything off and get a blank and even canvas. The Maybelline Colour Tattoos are fab as they have good colour pay off and they last ages on the eyes without creasing. I'm using the shade 'Creamy Beige' which is very comparable to MAC's Painterly Paint pot and is a great nude toned cream to prime with. Onto the palette now, and I have to say I was very impressed with the colour selection and overall quality of these bad boys. It has 12 very wearable - and of course neutral - shades which are perfect for day to day wear and also evenings. The palette comes with some basic matte shades and some shimmery which are all very buttery and last well on the eyes. I've been taking the light shimmery taupe shade (2nd in from bottom right) which is lovely all over the lids to bring light to the eye area. I don't normally go for shades as light as this, but this one really makes the eyes look brighter and looks great with a brown blended through the crease and outer corner. For that, I love the shade on the bottom left for blending over that light shimmery shade as it adds a nice amount of depth to the eyes without being too dramatic and dark. These shades together look so pretty on a summers evening and if you're looking for something different then MAC's Shroom and Satin Taupe are both very similar.

To smoke this up a bit you have two great matte shades on the right to choose from, I love going in with a liner - like Charlotte Tilbury's Barbarella Brown - on the lash line, then blending it out with the darkest shade in the palette. I love using a matte shade to blend liner out with as it creates a really soft line which is very flattering and pretty.
Have you tried this new Maybelline palette?


Cult Skincare

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Everyday there are a few skincare products that I always end up reaching for, whether it be on a no makeup day or not, treating my skin is something I love to do. A lot of these products are high end, but I feel like skincare products are the one thing worth investing, but with that being said, of course you can find good products at a less expensive price point.

The Nivea Micellar Cleansing Water is something I love to use either in the morning to refresh my skin, or in the evening to remove makeup and set my skin up for a good cleanse. This is the best micellar water I've tried and there are now loads at the drugstore to choose from so I'm sure there's one for you. This is a 3-in-1 formula so it doesn't just remove makeup, it cleanses the deeper layers of skin and leaves it moisturised. Perfect for a lazy night! Following on from this I love my Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel which has become a cult product in the beauty world. Even though it says gel, I would say its more creamy and turns into a milky formula when mixed with water. It smells of roses which is nice and it dissolved makeup well too, a good all rounder.

For the morning there's nothing better than a good facial spritz and the Caudalie Beauty Elixir is one I love. Out of all the ones I've tried out, this one is definitely the most refreshing and the mint and cucumber leaves your skin feeling super cool and soothed. You can pick this up in a mini size which is handy to throw in your bag for boosts throughout the day. On top of that I like to add a nice serum, and applying one in the morning is something I've only started doing but love the difference it makes. The one I've been using is the Origins Original Skin Serum which is creamy in consistency and preps you skin nicely for moisturiser. I love this because it doesn't weigh the skin down or leave it oily like some which are more intense, it also keeps my skin more moisturised and plump throughout the day. A good lip balm is key to luscious lips and Elizabeth Arden do a great one which is part of their 8 hour range. It's an intense cream/gel formula and works great overnight to leave your lips plump and nourished.
What skincare products are you loving? 


Pins I Love No.1

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Recently I've been having a bit of a love affair with Pinterest, and my boyfriend can confirm I'm on it a lot and may be a little obsessed, but there are worse things to be obsessed with right? I'm going to try and make this an every now and then thing where I share a few of my favourite pins of the moment and hopefully you'll all feel a bit inspired too!

1// Style: Source
If there's one thing I love searching through on Pinterest, it's the fashion section and I love how you can find basically every fashion blogger and their outfits on one page, it's fab. This outfit really got me excited to pick up some more seasonal appropriate clothing and I love all the Moroccan vibes, those tiles are just gorgeous, and I love the top. These button down skirts have been a huge hit this year and I'm keen to try one out, and this ones black, so bonus points all around.

2// Interiors: Source
Interiors is another dangerous section for me and I can find myself scrolling for hours looking at white walls and wood floor boards, a bloggers dream! I love the exposed brick in this dining room an the lights are so retro and in a nice pastel blue shade. The flowers are also lovely as tulips are my favourites and the wooden table finishes everything off nicely. I wish I could copy and paste this room into my house right now!

3// Beach: Source
Theres nothing more that gets me in the summer mood than looking at beaches, white sand, crystal clear waters, it's heartbreaking being in the UK when there's so much more beauty to be explored, and you certainly don't get palm trees down in Brighton...

4//Fitness Inspiration: Source
Fitness inspiration, or "fitspo" as the cool kids are saying these days, is everywhere on Pinterest, which is good as it gets my butt moving and motivated. This Lulu Lemon get up looks so cool for summer and I'm in love the mint green sports bra, perfect for a spot of yoga.

Summer Lip Combo

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Friday, July 24, 2015

I love summer, and bright lips, so this post definitely seemed appropriate and I can't wait to share with you a combo that I can't stop wearing. I love corals don't get me wrong, but lately there's been something about a good old pink that has been tickling my fancy.

Ever since the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat craze I've been loving lip liners and love the way they make my lips look. Agreed, you only really need one or two lip liners in your life, a nude and a red, but a fuchsia pink won't do much harm right? Rimmel's Indian Pink is the perfect bright pink for summer and for £2.99 you can't beat it. The formula of rimmel lip liners are very comparable to Charlotte Tilbury, just not as creamy, but still lovely and non drying never the less. On it's own this is lovely, matte and will last ages, but I like to pair it with something a bit more glossy to give my lips more depth.

So, following on from the lip liner, on top I go for MAC's Lustering which is one I seem to be talking about a lot. It's a similar fuchsia pink to the liner but a sheerer finish and with more shine. Putting a more moisturising lip product on top also ensures the liner won't dry into any cracks, and a sheer lipstick is a lot easier to top up during the day. When I wear a liner underneath, it doesn't fade awkwardly and you're always left with a nice pink stain if the lipstick disappears throughout the day. A great combo don't ya think?